Launceston Crime Statistics for 2020

These statistics are generated from data that has been gathered from the Magistrates Court of Tasmania page. Some important warnings and disclaimers on this data include:

  • Statistics are grouped by matter year so early in the year the list may be empty because all court appearances to date have related to matters from previous years. Likewise previous years' statistics may change when a matter is brought before the courts for the first time.
  • These are matters referred to the courts and in many cases the parties will have been found not guilty or the charges dismissed.
  • Accuracy and completeness of the data is not guaranteed and it has been provided strictly for personal entertainment purposes only.
  • Some data will be skewed by legislative changes. For example failure to pay a Tasmanian driving infringement on time used to automatically proceed to a court summons whereas now that will only occur if someone indicates they wish to contest the charges.
  • Some charges have different descriptions but describe the same offence, for example "Breach of bail" and "Breach of bail conditions".
  • The list only includes charges with more than one count in the selected period to exclude some that appear to be typograhical errors.
Charge Description Total Counts
Stealing 253
Common Assault 235
Drive whilst not the holder of a driver licence 176
Breach of Interim Family Violence Order 174
Drive a motor vehicle whilst a prescribed illicit drug is present in your oral fluid 170
Breach of bail conditions 142
Breach of Police Family Violence Order 133
Use unregistered motor vehicle 89
Breach of bail 80
Possess a controlled drug. (minor offence) 75
Possess controlled plant or its products. (minor offence) 72
Burglary 70
Breach of Family Violence Order 69
Drive a motor vehicle while exceeding prescribed alcohol limit 68
Computer Related Fraud 67
Destroy Property 64
Possess thing used for administration of controlled drug. (minor offence) 63
Application - Restraint Order 58
Drive whilst disqualified (Road Safety (Alcohol & Drugs) Act 1970) 52
Motor Vehicle Stealing 51
Possess ammunition when not the holder of the appropriate firearm licence 46
Use a controlled drug. (minor offence) 46
Drive whilst driver licence suspended 46
Using a motor vehicle with no premium cover 43
Unlawfully possess dangerous article in a public place 42
Possess a firearm when not the holder of a firearm licence of the appropriate category 41
Using controlled plants or its products 39
Unlawful possession of property 39
Uninsured 38
Fail to Appear 33
Use abusive language to Police Officer 32
Dishonestly acquiring a financial advantage 32
Person Mentioned in section 6(3) 26
Injure Property 26
Breach of Restraint Order 25
Drive while disqualified (Vehicle and Traffic Act) 23
Dishonestly alter or display a plate in a way calculated to deceive 21
Contravene conditions of a Notice 21
Fail to comply with a direction of a police officer 21
Resist a Police Officer 21
Exceed Speed Limit - (Speed Limit sign) 20
Drive a motor vehicle whilst a prescribed illicit drug is present in your blood 20
Application to vary PFVO 19
Aggravated burglary. (Dwelling) 19
Oral Application for Family Violence Order 19
Disorderly Conduct 18
Restricted Licence Application 18
Forgery 17
Threaten Police Officer 16
Assault a Police Officer 14
In possession of stolen property 14
Possession of stolen firearms 14
Evade Police (Aggravated Circumstances) 14
Possess thing used for administration of controlled drug. (minor offence) 13
Possess shortened firearm 13
Evade Police 12
Selling controlled plant or its products. (minor offence) 12
Trespass - (Premises) 11
Application - DTO review 11
Reckless driving 11
Trespass - (Land) 11
Possess controlled plant or its products. (minor offence) 11
Cultivating controlled plant. (minor offence) 11
Application - Review Deferred Sentence 11
Possess an implement or instrument with intent to commit a crime or an offence 10
Application for Family Violence Order 10
Breach of Interim Restraint Order 9
Assault 9
Application - App to Vary Bail 9
Evading Police (Aggravated Circumstances) 9
Fail to comply with a direction of the Director of Public Health 8
Wilfully Obstruct a Police Officer 8
Application to revoke PFVO 8
Possess loaded firearm in a vehicle in a public place 8
State false name and address 7
Application - Disposal of Property 7
Make off without payment 7
Fail to comply with prescribed storage of firearms requirements 7
Operate vehicle in public place in an unnecessary execution of speed, acceleration or loss of traction 7
Attempted computer related fraud 6
Cultivating controlled plant. (minor offence) 6
Aggravated assault 6
Rape 6
Possess firearm part 5
Fail to have proper control of vehicle 5
Wounding 5
Breach of bail requirements 5
Exceed speed-limit in a built up area 5
Learner driver driving unaccompanied by licenced driver 5
Driver involved in crash and failing to stop 5
Possess firearm in contravention of firearms prohibition order 5
Fail to comply with lawful requirement or direction of an emergency management worker 5
Possessing or controlling child abuse material obtained or accessed using a carriage service 5
Possess a firearm to which a firearms licence may not be issued 4
Refuse to state name and address 4
Making a false statutory declaration and false statements 4
Drive without due care and attention 4
Application to Court to have a conviction set aside or total penalty varied 4
Fail to comply with the duties of a driver involved in a crash - (civilian parties) 4
Behave in a violent manner 4
Hinder Conveyance 4
Application to vary FVO 4
Use vehicle on public street when number plate/s not affixed and displayed as required 4
Fail to comply with conditions of a driver licence 4
Fail to take all precautions to ensure safekeeping of firearm 4
State false name 4
Selling controlled drug. (minor offence) 4
Armed Robbery 4
Fraud 4
Dishonestly alter or display a document in a way calculated to deceive 4
Aggravated Armed Robbery 4
Indecent Assault 4
Emotional abuse or intimidation 4
Recklessly discharge a firearm 3
Fail to display "L" plate so as to be clearly visable 3
Drive at night without headlights 3
Discharge firearm from public place 3
Possess silencer 3
Possess bestiality product 3
Attempting to escape 3
Aggravated Robbery 3
Unlawfully carry dangerous article in a public place 3
Uttering 3
Fail to wear approved bicycle helmet 3
Disobey red traffic light 3
Possess opened or unsealed container of liquor in public street 3
Mark Graffiti 3
Receiving stolen property 3
Exceed speed limit not in a built up area 3
Refuse Breath Analysis 3
Possess an unregistered firearm 3
Driver not holding Australian driver licence, foreign driver licence, international driving permit with alcohol in body 3
Evading Police 3
Fail to state source of supply 3
Use vehicle whilst registration suspended 3
Escape 3
Stealing Firearm or Firearm Part 3
Unlawfully setting fire to property 3
Oral Application for Correction of Sentence 3
Conveying a firearm contrary to the prescribed safety requirements 3
Application - Drug Treatment Order Referred (Supreme Court) 3
Indecent act with a child or young person 3
Penetrative sexual abuse of a child or a young person 3
Possess or use controlled plant or its products 2
Application to Vary Bail 2
Possess a prohibited firearm to which a firearms licence may not be issued 2
Constitutional flight offence - taking a flight using an air passenger ticket 2
Ride a bicycle at night without a flashing or steady red light at the rear 2
Attempted motor vehicle stealing 2
Attempted Stealing 2
False report to Police 2
Obtaining goods by false pretences 2
Dangerous driving 2
Selling controlled drug. (minor offence) 2
Drive under the influence of intoxicating liquor 2
Driver holding learner licence, a provisional licence or an equivalent licence with alcohol in body 2
Light a fire to clear land during permit period when not under authority of permit 2
Fail to wear seat belt - (Driver) 2
Operate vehicle in a public place making unnecessary/unreasonable noise 2
Overtake when unsafe to do so 2
Use hand-held mobile phone 2
Supplying controlled drug. (minor offence) 2
Light a fire on day of total fire ban 2
Producing Child Exploitation Material 2
Exceed Speed In Speed Limited Area 2
Possess firearm when not the holder of a firearm licence of the appropriate category 2
Drive On A Path 2
Handle a firearm whilst under the influence of alcohol or other drug 2
Robbery 2
Give particulars likely to mislead 2
False name 2
Recklessly throw missile to the danger of another person 2
Unlawfully setting fire to vegetation 2
Possession of child exploitation material 2

Data coverage is from Monday, 2 Jan 2006 to Wednesday, 3 Jun 2020