Devonport Crime Statistics for 2020

These statistics are generated from data that has been gathered from the Magistrates Court of Tasmania page. Some important warnings and disclaimers on this data include:

  • Statistics are grouped by matter year so early in the year the list may be empty because all court appearances to date have related to matters from previous years. Likewise previous years' statistics may change when a matter is brought before the courts for the first time.
  • These are matters referred to the courts and in many cases the parties will have been found not guilty or the charges dismissed.
  • Accuracy and completeness of the data is not guaranteed and it has been provided strictly for personal entertainment purposes only.
  • Some data will be skewed by legislative changes. For example failure to pay a Tasmanian driving infringement on time used to automatically proceed to a court summons whereas now that will only occur if someone indicates they wish to contest the charges.
  • Some charges have different descriptions but describe the same offence, for example "Breach of bail" and "Breach of bail conditions".
  • The list only includes charges with more than one count in the selected period to exclude some that appear to be typograhical errors.
Charge Description Total Counts
Stealing 65
Common Assault 64
Drive a motor vehicle whilst a prescribed illicit drug is present in your oral fluid 47
Breach of Police Family Violence Order 41
Drive whilst not the holder of a driver licence 36
Breach of bail 36
Breach of bail conditions 31
Possess thing used for administration of controlled drug. (minor offence) 26
Application - Restraint Order 25
Dishonestly acquiring a financial advantage 24
Use unregistered motor vehicle 23
Drive a motor vehicle while exceeding prescribed alcohol limit 23
Drive whilst disqualified (Road Safety (Alcohol & Drugs) Act 1970) 21
Possess a controlled drug. (minor offence) 21
Using a motor vehicle with no premium cover 20
Destroy Property 20
Possess controlled plant or its products. (minor offence) 18
Fail to Appear 17
Injure Property 17
Burglary 16
Contravene conditions of a Notice 16
Breach of Family Violence Order 14
Use abusive language to Police Officer 13
Use a controlled drug. (minor offence) 12
Using controlled plants or its products 12
Attempt to Breach of Family Violence Order 11
Computer Related Fraud 9
Motor Vehicle Stealing 8
Drive while disqualified (Vehicle and Traffic Act) 8
Unlawful possession of property 8
Trespass - (Premises) 7
Drive whilst driver licence suspended 7
Unlawfully possess dangerous article in a public place 7
Trespass - (Land) 6
Fail to comply with a direction of a police officer 6
Possess ammunition when not the holder of the appropriate firearm licence 6
Possess a firearm when not the holder of a firearm licence of the appropriate category 5
Exceed Speed Limit - (Speed Limit sign) 5
Resist a Police Officer 5
Cultivating controlled plant. (minor offence) 5
Attempted Stealing 4
Breach of bail requirements 4
Escape 4
Fail to display "P-plate" so as to be clearly visible 4
Evade Police (Aggravated Circumstances) 3
Breach of Restraint Order 3
Application to revoke PFVO 3
Wilfully Obstruct a Police Officer 3
Disorderly Conduct 3
Assault 3
Aggravated burglary. (Dwelling) 3
Driver of a vehicle holding a drivers licence which requires that no alcohol be present in body 3
Breach of Interim Restraint Order 2
Selling controlled plant or its products. (minor offence) 2
Supplying controlled plant or its products. (minor offence) 2
Driver not holding Australian driver licence, foreign driver licence, international driving permit with alcohol in body 2
Threaten Police Officer 2
Assault a Police Officer 2
Breach of Interim Family Violence Order 2
Driver holding learner licence, a provisional licence or an equivalent licence with alcohol in body 2
Selling controlled drug. (minor offence) 2
Fail to comply with conditions of a driver licence 2
Drive a motor vehicle whilst a prescribed illicit drug is present in your blood 2
Drive without due care and attention 2
Application to vary PFVO 2
Person Mentioned in section 6(3) 2
Intent to alter concentration of alcohol in breath test 2
Uninsured 2
Possession of stolen firearms 2
Application for Family Violence Order 2
Trespass - (Building) 2
Application to extend PFVO 2
Evade Police 2
Restricted Licence Application 2
Fail to take all precautions to ensure safekeeping of firearm 2

Data coverage is from Monday, 2 Jan 2006 to Monday, 30 Mar 2020