Person Mentioned in section 6(3) in Burnie, Tasmania Court Appearances

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Name Court Last Appearance
JAGO, Lucinda Ann Burnie Thursday, 2 Jul 2020
CRATE, Korina Karlyn Burnie Tuesday, 2 Jun 2020
ANDREWS, Scott James Burnie Tuesday, 21 Apr 2020
GUNTON, Riley Peter Burnie Tuesday, 21 Apr 2020
HAYNES, Eric Wayne Burnie Tuesday, 3 Mar 2020
DENNIS, Trevor Gordon Burnie Tuesday, 4 Feb 2020
EWINGTON, Nicole Sophie Burnie Wednesday, 11 Dec 2019
YOUNG, Samuel Alexander Burnie Tuesday, 27 Jan 2015
SEARLE, Ryan Mansfield Willis Burnie Thursday, 24 Jul 2014
SHEALS, Brian Burnie Tuesday, 17 Jun 2014
DENNISON, Shaun Anthony Burnie Tuesday, 19 Apr 2011