Operate vehicle in public place in an unnecessary execution of speed, acceleration or loss of traction in Devonport, Tasmania Court Appearances

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Name Court Last Appearance
COMPAIN, Roger Charles Devonport Monday, 25 May 2020
DENBY, Brian Andrew Devonport Thursday, 30 Apr 2020
BEST, Luke Alexander Devonport Monday, 23 Mar 2020
SEABOURNE, Nathan Paul Devonport Wednesday, 11 Mar 2020
SMITH, Jamie Lyndon Devonport Friday, 6 Mar 2020
KING, Rory Nigel Devonport Tuesday, 28 Jan 2020
RILEY, Christopher Devonport Friday, 13 Dec 2019
MITCHELL, Cameron John Devonport Wednesday, 4 Dec 2019
DU PLESSIS, Divan Org Devonport Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019
BESSELL, Aaron Leigh Devonport Monday, 7 Oct 2019
IVORY, Dean Shane Devonport Monday, 30 Sep 2019
INGLIS, Bailey John Devonport Thursday, 1 Aug 2019
BEAMISH, Trent Mitchel Devonport Wednesday, 31 Jul 2019
UPSTON, David Dennis Devonport Monday, 8 Jul 2019
JACKSON, Brett Richard Devonport Wednesday, 13 Mar 2019
TAYLOR, Kristopher Jaymes Devonport Thursday, 31 May 2018
BEATTIE, Daniel James Devonport Wednesday, 18 Apr 2018
WILLIAMS, Ethan Luke Devonport Tuesday, 19 Dec 2017
HARPER, Sarah Marie Devonport Monday, 18 Dec 2017
MARTIN, Jake Andrew Devonport Tuesday, 5 Dec 2017
KEMP, Dylan Jake Devonport Tuesday, 1 Aug 2017
HOLLAND, Dalton Anthony Devonport Monday, 27 Feb 2017
BRYCE, Ashleigh Robert Devonport Tuesday, 26 Apr 2016